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Pete Isensee has been in the digital entertainment business since 1994. He's made video games, shipped three generations of Xbox consoles at Microsoft, created VR experiences at HBO, led the creation of advanced AR/VR technologies at Meta, published dozens of technical articles, and taught C++ tips & tricks to developers worldwide. He enjoys C++, jazz, wine and backpacking.

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Papers and Presentations

CppCon: Evolution of a Median Algorithm CppCon: Destructor Case Studies: Best Practices for Safe and Efficient Teardown

Faster C++: Move Constructors and Perfect Forwarding

Effective Management: Getting the Most Out of Your Team

The Beauty of Destruction

Chills and Thrills: Undefined Behavior in C++

TR1: C++ on the Move

Sublime C++ for Games

C++ on Next-Gen Consoles: Effective Code for New Architectures

Effective Use of OpenMP in Games

Common C++ Performance Mistakes in Games

Custom STL Allocators

STL Optimization Techniques

Embracing the C++ Standard Template Library

C++ Optimization Techniques

Publications: Books

Best of Game Programming Gems, Multiple chapters.

Game Programming Gems 6. Chapter: Utilizing Multicore Processors with OpenMP.

Game Programming Gems 4. Network section editor. Chapter: Bit Packing: A Network Compression Technique.

Game Programming Gems 3. Chapters: Secure Sockets and Custom STL Allocators.

Updated STL allocator code that works on Visual Studio.NET is available. Copy the unzipped files to the same folder as the original files.

Game Programming Gems 2. Chapter: Genuine Random Number Generation

Game Programming Gems. Chapter: Fast Math Using C++ Template Metaprogramming

Publications: Magazines

MSDN Magazine, October 2005: OpenMP and C++: Reap the Benefits of Multithreading Without All the Work. Co-authored with Kang Su Gatlin.

Game Developer Magazine, March 2003: Developing Online Console Games. Co-authored with Steve Ganem.

Geek Firsts


Regular presenter at the Game Developers Conference

Advisory board member for the Future Realities Summit (AR/VR) at GDC

Regular presenter at CppCon, the C++ Conference

Source Code

Updated Gems 3 allocator code (zipped C++ files)

STL Allocator test bed (zipped C++ files)

GDC 2003 custom allocators (zipped C++ files)

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